Word Log – 4th January 2014

Bit of a productive day today: 374 on a short story project (The Afterlife of Objects) and 354 on the novel project.

Progress on the second half of the novel has been glacial compared to the first half, which is partially due to me not knowing the important parts of the middle in advance. So I’m basically discovery writing my way towards the end that I’ve planned and plotted.

I’ve found that I write more when I’m working simultaneously on a short story and the novel, but its frustratingly difficult to change gears from novel writing to short story writing. It feels like my brain is mired in long-form storytelling from committing to the novel project, which means that when I return to the short story I struggle with the different structures and constraints presented by that form.

It’s all good though, the difficulty means that I’m at the very least using and expanding my creative muscles.

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