Word Log – 1st January 2014

This is an informal version of the detailed spreadsheet I keep on my desktop, but summarizes where I’m at with different stories. Jo Walton, Jamie Rubin, and recently Tobias Buckell, have posted similar logs on their blogs. I’m curious to see if this positively reinforces/impacts being able to write every day without breaking the cycle, so I’ll try and post a log every day this year. Even for the days I don’t get any writing done:

The House of Stories (Novel):

Total Wordcount: 30,019

Today’s Wordcount: 290

Estimated Words till Total: 23,000

The Afterlife of Objects (Short Story):

Total Wordcount: 250

Today’s Wordcount: 0

To Neverland (Short Story):

Total Wordcount: 1352

Today’s Wordcount: 0

Other Stats:

Rejections: 1

Stories on Submission: 2


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