Notes from NanoWrimo

Doing my first Nanowrimo session this year, and wanted to share a passing thought from Facebook, as I plod through the word count:

If I could distill everything I understand about writing (admittedly very little) into a single thought it would be this: We all have entire worlds within us, built up from the sum of our fictional experiences, more real than the dull, normal worlds we encounter in the everyday. And what I do when I write is to give everyone else a map to that place. If the map is at all successful, you’ll find your way there, past all the detours and side roads and unexpected encounters. It’s a map that changes every day, and so I redraw it with every new story, every new style of narrative, every trick and technique I’ve learned and added to my kit. But that inner world will always be there, waiting. With Nano underway, this is the one thing that matters. Trust the story, trust the map to get me to the destination. And when I do get there, send back directions, so everyone else can find it too.

Wish everyone doing NanoWrimo happy writing!

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