Diorama: A Poem

Hello world. I wanted to share a poem with you today. Its brief and I composed most of it on my evening walk today. Enjoy:


The world is single celled.
Bacterial colonies in islands of being.

The world is evolving:
Hair and feathers, wings and feet.

The world is a clockwork motion,
Its choices limited.

The world is a perpetual chaos
Of infinite replication.

The world is binary
Enumerated certainty in numbers.

The world is dreams and nightmares
Riddles with possibility.

The world is an array of color,
Absent of sound.

The world is a riotous music
The only language it knows.

The world is hope
Incandescent lights in the city of night.

The world is us
Improbable and unlikely
If only for a while
And I am glad for all of it.

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