Night-Watch: A Trunk Story

‘Night-watch’ is a story that I wrote three years ago. I didn’t think it was all that great when I wrote it, but it seems decent enough now, (actually there are numerous things that are wrong with it, nonetheless…) so I thought I would share it with you all.

The dead Earth is orbiting a red Sun in a future that’s fast growing obsolete. The last humans are in orbit around Jupiter; the others long ago set sail for the infinite beyond. And us? We are the inheritors of the Earth: the mythical dead planet. We’re dead too–we do not live or love or hate. No. In this dying hour, we keep our lonely vigil, and look to the stars. Many of us have travelled across seas that have long since emptied, have collected a posthumous library of the artefacts of man. A museum will be built. And if they return–our forefathers? our gods?–we will lead them to this graveyard of history and they will see what the last stewards of the Earth have crafted. An empire of bones and dust.

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